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Here you will find information on self-build and modification of musical and high-quality audio equipment. Our specialities are ultra-accurate DA-converters (DA-Wandler) with upsamplers up to 24/192, excellent CD-Players (CD-Spieler) and elaborate modifications. We also offer amplifiers as well as devices from other manufacturers, for instance AUDIOLAB, AUDIO RESEARCH, AURALIC, new in our range: BAT-Audio, CAMBRIDGE AUDIO, C.E.C., KRELL, LUXMAN and ONKYO. We offer these and many other devices with our extensive hoer-wege modifications on request.

As we are based in Germany and have our main business here, you will find all further information on the sub-pages in German. Please use a translation-addon for your browser and feel free to contact us with any questions or enquiries.

We will take a vacation again this year. Therefore, we will not be available from April 22 to May 24 inclusive. We will continue to work as usual from 2024 May 27 on. We wish everyone a good time.


With musical greetings
HiFiWERKSTATT hoer-wege

THE MOTTO of the HiFiWERKSTATT hoer-wege:
A good hi-fi device will reproduce almost unchanged what the „source“ delivers. A very good hi-fi system also manages to „draw the listener into the music“, because the enthusiasm of the musicians becomes immediately comprehensible in the listening room, and thus the „spark“ really jumps live.

Why settle for less?

... also arguments

for the HiFi-WERKSTATT hoer-wege

NEW NEW NEW NEW: The ARIES G2.1 are available since August 2020. Even more elaborately made, and sounding very „musical“ with high „addictive potential“ to our ears with the hoer-wege PSU.

Also NEW: The ALTAIR G1 has been available for a few days (11/2019). It looks really good and sounds much better to our ears, after the hoer-wege modification really unrestricted, than the ALTAIR.

Also good to know: The ARIES G1 and ARIES G2 are available with hoer-wege PSU.

Also NEW and even better: hoer-wege Phono-Pre: PHONO-MC EVO V2, with polymer electrolytic capacitors and even less interference.

Also good: hoer-wege headphone amplifier Headphone-AMP.

Also important: e-mail address: hifiwerkstatt@ewe.net, and the HiFiWERKSTATT hoer-wege will be happy to answer your questions at the telephone number 0421 / 64 73 21.
Monday – Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. We will be happy to answer your questions about our offers.

Even if you don’t want to buy new equipment, but simply want to significantly improve or revise your equipment, this is the right place for you.
We supply, for example, conversion kits for modifying your equipment such as CD, DVD and SACD players, DA converters, network players and all types of audio amplifiers, including detailed instructions and the very best components for „do-it-yourself“ soldering. Of course, you can also have the HiFiWERKSTATT, or one of our authorised partners, do the soldering, in which case there is an additional 2-year guarantee on the modification. Here you will find a list of already modified units. We also have selected accessories in our range.

Also worth a look: our customer reactions.

Also possible: You already have or would like to buy a good device, e.g. from AUDIOLAB, AUDIO RESEARCH, AURALIC, CAMBRIDGE AUDIO, C.E.C., LUXMAN or ONKYO? We not only offer customised conversion kits for many CD players, DA converters and for many amplifiers. You can have CD players and CD drives, as well as DA converters and amplifiers from e.g. AUDIOLAB, AUDIO RESEARCH, AURALIC, CAMBRIDGE AUDIO, C.E.C., LUXMAN or ONKYO etc. delivered to you as completely modified new devices by the HiFiWERKSTATT hoer-wege, of course with a 30-day return policy and 2-year warranty.

Also on offer are hoer-wege phono preamplifiers (with RCA + XLR inputs, impedance and gain settings adjustable during operation by rotary switch), and matching power supplies, also with nickel-metal hydride accus. In addition, we offer beautiful cabinets, professionally designed front and rear panels, as well as all other parts necessary to build picture-perfect and excellent sounding units. Detailed price lists of all available circuit boards, some units and suitable conversion kits, as well as for self-building the units with all (possible) options, are also available.

Also an argument – 30 days trial listening: Our circuit boards are delivered ready to play and are equipped with all necessary cables and plugs. Therefore, you can try out the boards at home in your chain for 30 days, with unlimited right of return. In addition, we offer some loan units, as well as already fully modified units, which you can also test at home without obligation, the exact conditions can be found under AGB.
As our circuit boards are delivered ready to play and tested, the installation into a cabinet with prefabricated fronts and back panels is relatively easy thanks to our detailed instructions and can be done by almost anyone. We are happy to manufacture fronts and back panels individually according to your wishes, as far as possible.

Music recommendations

from the HiFi-WERKSTATT hoer-wege

All our switching would be worth nothing if there was no good music! Under the music tips you will find references to interesting, and excellently recorded CDs, as well as the favourites of the HiFiWERKSTATT hoer-wege.

You are not convinced yet?

Then find out here why you should read these pages:

  • You hope to get good-sounding electronics at a reasonable price?
  • You no longer believe the „test reports“ that tell you what is good and right today, and praise something else tomorrow – without blushing?
  • Are you looking for switches that simply do what they are designed to do without any frippery, namely to reproduce MUSIC in such a way that you, the listener, are thrilled?
  • You don’t want to let your devices dictate what kind of music you can listen to? That’s why you’re looking for devices that sound superior with ANY MUSIC?
  • You don’t want to hear your devices, but only music? That’s why you’re looking for devices that don’t SOUND, but simply pass on the music signals.
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